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Photonis BASIC Tubes


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For many tasks, a Photonis BASIC tube provides a great image and impressive performance from the world's most trusted night vision manufacturer. The BASIC range of tubes are designed to keep costs down while still providing a fantastic picture to the user.

Please carefully check the drawings and specifications below. 

BASIC Drawings and Specifications:

Tube Shape/Colour Photonis Type Drawing  Specification
Small Anvis/Green XX0041G 183-1477A0 184-6904A2
Small Anvis/White XW0041C 183-1477A0 184-7058A1
PVS-7/Green XX0051F 183-1498A0 184-6979A1
PVS-7/White XW0051C 183-1498A0 184-7072A1

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