Photonis ECHO+ (min FOM 2000)


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The ECHO+ has a minimum FOM of 2000

ECHO+ is a Photonis tube offering military grade FOM of minimum 2000 at a commercial grade price.

The ECHO+tubes are the highest performance commercial image intensifiers by Photonis. ECHO+ tubes are available in both green or white phosphor.

With a ultra high Figure of Merit (FOM) and ultra fast Auto-Gating, ECHO+ tubes serve many night vision applications for users that require the very best performance in the dark. 

Photonis image intensifier are available in several different shapes and sizes. To ensure that you buy the correct one, please carefully check the drawings below.

ECHO+ Drawings and Specifications:

Tube Shape/Colour Photonis Type Drawing  Specification
Small Anvis/Green ZG0124C 183-0124A4 184-7388A1
Small Anvis/White ZW0124C 183-0124A4 184-7389A1
PVS-14/Green ZG0973D 183-0973A6 184-7377A1
PVS-14/White ZW0973D 183-0973A6 184-7378A1
PVS-7/White ZW1059B 183-1059A1 184-7381A1

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