Photonis XR5



Auto-Gating included on all XR5 tubes

The Photonis XR5 image intensifier offers extended range capabilities.

Photonis applied cutting edge technology to the XR5, technology that enables the user to detect more details during the darkest conditions.

The prominent feature on the XR5 is the integrated autogated power supply, allowing operations under dynamic lighting conditions. Autogating constantly operates to improve the quality of the image, not only during day-night-day transitions, but also under dynamic lighting conditions, such as opporations in near urban conditions or within areas with cultural lighting.

Our XR5 Image Intensifier represents the new standard for night vision and is available in a variety of inverting and non-inverting 18 mm formats for existing and new systems.

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XR5 Drawings and Specifications:

Tube Type/Colour Photonis Type Drawing  Specification
Small Anvis/Green XX2540BV 183-0124A4 184-3934A2
Small Anvis/White
XW2540BF 183-0124A4 184-3788A1
PVS-14/Green XX2540MV 183-0973A6 184-6713A0
PVS-14/White XW2540BP 183-0973A6 184-4011A2
PVS-7/Green XX2550BB 183-1059A1 184-3104A4
PVS-7/White XW2550AY 183-1059A1 184-3790A3


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